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Discover Balanced Body Massage

Find longterm ease in movement.
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When you visit Balanced Body Massage, you are in a space where we will be working in connecting body and mind, through massage and movement.

I spend time with each of my client's before session, gathering a thorough understanding of what each client is seeking for their session. Together we  discuss history of injuries, and daily movement patterns.  As we also acknowledge the connection between mental and physical ailaments. Your current daily stressor's are playing a role in your muscle tension and pain. Balanced Body offers a safe, tranquil environment for you to truly connect within, and heal.


Please park on the North side of the Manchester Wellness building, you will enter through the blue door, my office is the first hallway on your left. The restroom is the first door on the right, after you turn down my hall. If you don't see me please find a chair you are comfy in. I will be with your shortly. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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